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X-Rays and other pre-purchase services

Depending on the price of the horse the insurance company or the purchaser may choose to have x-rays taken. A full set of vetting x-rays will usually include front feet, fetlocks and hocks and sometimes stifles too. It is important to ascertain what your insurance company requires in terms of “views” and let us know when you book the vetting.

Sometimes the vet will also suggest a basic blood health screen. This would most likely if he noticed something about the horse that warranted further investigation, for example poor body condition. Many more clients are now asking for this test as a matter of course. It can detect problems such as anaemia or liver damage, amongst others and gives an insight into the internal health of the horse.

The teeth are checked as part of the vetting and if needed a dental can be carried out at the same time.

Any horse which is heard to make a respiratory noise at the vetting can be endoscoped to check for any problems which might curtail activities or fitness for use.

Vaccination courses can be started, for both Equine Influenza and Tetanus and for Equine Herpes Virus if the horse is unvaccinated. This will save you one call out from your own vet.

If the yard you intend to take the horse to require it we can carry out worm egg counts, worming treatments and strangles tests.