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We offer full AI and Breeding services at the practice. We also offer pre and post foaling checks in order to deal with any potential problem as early as possible. There are a few golden rules with mares and foals:

Signs of imminent foaling are waxing up or running milk, loosening of the back end, relaxation of the vulva, and restlessness.

The foal should have its head and torso out 20 minutes from the water bag bursting. If not – EMERGENCY!!

Foals must receive colostrum within the first 6 - 12 hours of life. If they have not suckled in the first 12 hours a vet should attend to tube feed them.

The mare should cleanse (pass the afterbirth) within 6 hours of giving birth. If she has not cleansed 12 hours after birth the vet will need to attend to give an injection.

Any signs of illness or lameness in foals in the first few weeks are an emergency. Often not suckling is the first sign of impending illness.